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Adaptace živočichů a rostlin na prostředí

7. března 2010 v 22:15 | AnnElfwind |  Ann názory
Lidičky, omlouvám se, že je to psané anglicky, ale pravdou je, že jsem líná to překládat. A byl to původně úkol do biologie. ale další pravdou je, že mě napadlo, že by to šlo hodit sem jako článek na téma ekologie. Nesouvisí to s ní úplně, ale částečně jo. xD No, pokud umíte anglicky, můžete si počíst, pokud ne, smůla.

Adaptation of Animals and Plants

Hi, Do you know, what Possum medosavý is? It is an animal only a bit bigger than mouse. It lives in sandy plains in Australia. And in the night it sucks the sweet nectar from the Banksia bushes. The live of this little mammals dependt on this bush. And the bush probably knows it, so it is not blooming all at once, but during the whole year. It means that if all Banksias gets destroyed, another kind of animal will die.
Like dinosaurs for example. They were the biggest on the planet and look, what happend to them. They were exterminated. And why? Because a meteorit fell on the planet and they couldn't stand the heat. This is example of non-adaptation. And now, imagine, what would happend, if other kinds were unable to adapt?
Many kinds of animals, and plants probably too, would die. Maybe all of them? Take for example cheetahs. And the young ones. The young cheetahs can't protect themselves. And if their furr didn't adapted for this situation, they will be mercylesly killed. But they are safe, because while they are young, they look like medojeds. (Honey-eaters?)
But, lets take it from another side. Lets look on adaptation of a human. I don't think, that we can call this an adaptation, because, we optimized the world around us to our ideas and ideals. The world adapted to us, not we to the world. So wat is right? Maybe we should adapted to the world. Who knows...
But take for example ants... A few years ago, I saw a documentary movie, where there were ant, the big ones, and they were going into peoples houses and eating all the pest, like scorpions and so on. In this case, ants and people adapted to live together in some kind of symbiosis.
So we got three kinds of adaptation... The first one is when animal or plant adapts to the world and nature. And when it works. The only danger here may be the human and his destroying instincts. Because, if human messes with the nature, the only thing, that can happen in the end is total disaster. Take the rainforest. It is human, who is destroying it. And with it is destroyed the nature, to which many speeches adapted. And without this enviroment, they simply die, because they are unable to adapt quickly to another enviroment, another condicions. Adaptation is a process that goes through tens of years, maybe hundreds. Or thousands...
The second kind of adaptation is done by humans. This is the changing of enviroment to their liking. And I thing, that this is wrong. We are changing the nature to much. We need to start thinking about the thing, that we are not alone on the Earth. By changing the enviroment to our liking, we are murdering other speeches, that can't adapt to the new conditions that quickly.
And the thirt and probably last kind of adaptation is symbiothic adaptation between humans and animals. Like theese ants. The only thing about thees ants is, that I am simply unable to rember the name of movie, where it was... I honestly don't know, if there is any other example to this kind of adaptation, but I think, that this is the right thing. We should live with animals in peace and stop killing them.
It is true, that now we are on the top, but that can change....
You, I figured right now, that there is one more type of adaptation - or non-adaptation. And that is, when you simply are not able to adapt to new condition. Like the dinosaurs to the heat. Or like the Ice bears won't be able, when the ice on Arctica is gone. They won't be able to adapt to the live in water, it will be to cold for them and then... They die...
So the point is, that we should be carefull what we are doing here on Earth, or we kill even more speeches, than we already did. And not only animals, but plants as well. And with no plants there will be no oxgen and without oxygen, we will be unable to breath and without breaghing, we...... Die.
You get the point?

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1 Saskie^^ Saskie^^ | Web | 7. března 2010 v 23:05 | Reagovat

to jsem ráda a jak! ale já biologii naštěstí nemám :D... jojoj.. kdyby tohle bylo česky, hned přečtu, ale z důvodu mý falešný angličtiny tti budu muset říct promin :)

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